Food Stall Updates

Reader Cindy Furukawa suggested I start an updates page in order to keep readers apprised of all the stuff that’s ever-changing on food stall locations and the like. Cindy herself has been to a few places in the book and they have already changed places and/or hours!

  1. Somsong Pochana

This place has moved because, according to my friend Winner, the landlord is looking for more money (who isn’t). Cindy did some sleuthing and the latest word is that this place MIGHT be on Samsen Road by soi 8, but no official word so far. Fingers crossed that their delicious Sukhothai noodles have not disappeared totally from our lives!

2. Elvis Suki

Now open at 11:30 for lunch all through to dinner (also they have a second location in Sam Yan).

3. Thipsamai

Takeout available during the day from 11, sit-down service from 5pm.