It’s not street dining, it’s…shopping-mall-walkway dining

At Paragon Shopping Complex for a Thailand Tatler soiree celebrating the launch of this year’s edition of “Thailand’s 100 best restaurants”, we discovered a few things.

First and most importantly, examples of the best nosh included the hibiscus blossoms stuffed with foie gras mousse in waffle cones from Plaza Athenee hotel’s Reflections restaurant; cubes of rare seared beef with foie gras at Pan-Pacific’s Panorama restaurant; and the foie gras custard with creamed spinach and scallop mousse from the folks at D’Sens in the Dusit Thani. Sense a trend here? Yes:

1. Anything with foie gras is still in vogue here in 2010 Bangkok. 

cones of hibiscus blossoms stuffed with foie gras mousse

Other things we learned:

2. Hold your event in a space large enough to house all the exhibitors but small enough to ensure no one gets comfortable and stays long enough to actually score a full meal for free.

3. Jumpsuits are actually appropriate cocktail party-wear.

4. Sliced roast beef and a raw bar are guaranteed crowd-pleasers no matter where you are.

5. Spinach will inevitably find its way between your teeth before any kind of photo op.

6. Alcohol is a precious — and very limited — resource.

7. Never take foie gras terrine from a man wearing a cravat.

8. Thais are only just discovering the joys of serrano ham.

9. The future of cocktail nibbles is cone-shaped.

Dessert cones of berries and cream

10. There are a crapload of restaurants in Bangkok.

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