Voting with my stomach

Stir-fried squid noodles at Sukiyaki Maverick

If you live in Thailand, you would be hard-pressed to ignore the run-up to a long-awaited election on July 3. Some parties preach swerving abruptly to one side of the political spectrum, some advocate swinging far to the other side. And some, of course, pledge allegiance to a unifying middle way.

If street food dishes could run for office (because, quite frankly, that is what I would vote for at this point), the offerings at Sukiyaki Maverick would call for a Zen-like commitment to unity. Nestled among the Japanese noodle shops on a sub-soi between Sukhumvit 24 and 26, this lunchtime hotspot is as known for its kua (stir-fried) noodles, studded with morsels of chicken or squid, as it is for its namesake Thai-style suki.

This — a steamy jumble of starch, greens and proteins — is the dish I would back for office. Featuring almost all the colors of the Thai political rainbow, it includes the green of the sweet lettuce and spring onion slivers; the yellow of the body-enhancing egg and tart pickled chilies; the red of the indispensably sweet, sticky sauce; and of course, the white of the soft, yielding noodles and buoyant, bouncy squid (or chicken). Even better, who can resist its myriad charms, regardless of political affiliation? Certainly not me.

The other dish at Sukiyaki Maverick, mid-bite

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  1. KohSpot

    where exactly is this Sukiyaki Maverick in between the two sois? How am we supposed to find this shop?

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