New Year, New Stuff

As you may have ascertained from all the fireworks and celebratory end-of-year posts on the Internet, it is a new year — 2021, to be exact. To us Thais though, it feels a little bit like 2020: The Sequel. With that in mind, my friend Chris and I are unveiling a series of videos that we were able to film when travel in Thailand was still unfettered.

These were filmed while doing research for my upcoming cookbook (my first!), tentatively titled “Real Thai Cooking.” It’s full of the recipes that people actually cook in my house and in my relatives’ homes, for meals that aren’t very elaborate or complicated, but still tasty and satisfying.

With that in mind, our first video — handily shot and edited by Chris — was made with the help of our friends Francisco and Kevin, who are now based in chilly Finland. It’s about the Portuguese influence on Thai cuisine, something a lot of people (including Thais) forget.

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