Memory Lane

We are nearing the end of the feverishly-working-to-finish-the-first-draft stage of our cookbook, and Lauren suggested that we include some old photos of family getting together to share a meal when I was young. Alas, I have almost no photos of this at my house. It’s kind of strange how that is, when we only meet up over lunch or dinner or dinner parties.

The oldest one I can come up with is this one. Needless to say, I was not a cute baby.

Baby with rambutan in Chiang Rai

Another photo at a meal features just my husband and me, before we were married, on a trip (with his parents, because I grew up in the stone ages) to the Netherlands.

I don’t remember this restaurant

The photos that I do have featuring the food itself are noticeably absent of people. This one is of a breakfast spread in Chiang Rai that looks like it was a buffet for ghosts.

The closest I can get to something that captures the vibe of what I’m looking for is a super old photo that doesn’t have me in it at all. Instead, my husband’s parents and their cousins are in it. It’s in the 70s or 80s (hard to tell), at a family party on the beach in Hua Hin, probably during Songkran. Anyway, the point is that Thais like to party, but it’s not a real party until there’s good food. Only then can much merriment be had.

This is a real party

In any case, the search will continue apace, so my post to you will be uncharacteristically brief. Wish Lauren and me luck on our deadline. Until then, stay safe and healthy everyone!


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