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Yummy Charity

Typically delicious squid salad at Bo.lan

(Photo courtesy of Bo.lan)

Bo.lan, headed by Australian chef Dylan Jones and Thai chef Duangporn Songvisava (nicknamed “Bo”), is one of my favorite places to splash out on good Thai food. This Thursday, September 20th, you can get the chance to marry your inner Gluttons to the opportunity to do some good in the world, courtesy of the folks at Bo.lan and Freedom to Walk ( In an effort to support this organization’s laudable work to end human trafficking, Bo.lan is hosting a charity dinner on September 20 from 7-10pm. For a 3,000 baht ticket, you get Bo.lan’s “Balance” menu and free-flow wine from Wine Gallery. All of the money you spend to stuff your faces will be sent directly to help Freedom to Walk’s beneficiary organizations.

So what are you waiting for? How many chances do you get to feel good about cramming your piehole with great food and wine? Last I checked, 50 tickets were left, but you know how these things go … so HURRY! Email with the number of people in your party, and be sure to include food allergies or veggie requests. For more on the event, check out this link on Facebook:



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Take a Big Bite out of Bangkok

This is waiting for you from Pigwit.

Once in a blue moon, the planets align and good things come to those who wait and I can’t find another well-used cliche t0 convey that this doesn’t happen very often. “This” being the semi-annual gathering known as “Big Bite Bangkok”, where awesome vendors from all over the city (and me) meet up to sell every manner of delicious foodstuffs, all with the aim of charity and promoting excellent, local small-scale producers.

Local producer of delicious breads, Urban Pantry

So on Sunday July 15, we will all convene from 11am-2pm and stuff ourselves silly with waffles, sandwiches, salads, stir-fries and beer. We will forget silly stuff about how we had to use a site called “Cliche Finder” to write this post and may have also used this headline before and isn’t that a bad omen of where we are as a writer right now? (And that we refer to ourselves as “we”?) We will delight in the fact that we are helping out a worthwhile charity (In Search of Sanuk, check it out) while doing totally selfish things like wresting the last bagel from the table before Dwight gets to it first. We will do all these things, and hopefully the weather will cooperate, because this event will be awesome and the weather should respect that.  Work out for us, weather! For once!

Hmmm? Where was I? Oh yes, talking about a great event for charity!

What: Big Bite Bangkok July

Who: Great vendors like Bo.lan, BKK Bagel Bakery, Urban Pantry, Chu, Adams Organic, Vietnamese & More, Birds in a Row, Pigwit, Radiance and Manno.

Where: Parking lot, Maduzi hotel

When: Sunday, July 15, 11am-2pm

Please come join us!

Stir-fried squid from Bo.lan



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Take a Big Bite out of …

... this sai oua?

It’s finally happening. Unless lightning strikes me down as I walk down the street (no, even then, it will still go on), the very first Big Bite Bangkok will be unfolding in front of Maduzi Hotel on Sunday, January 29, from 11-2. Yes, it will be in the blazing heat of midday, but there are umbrellas, and vendors will stage a fight to the death over the two berths in the leafy shade over on the balcony (not really). Speaking of vendors, we have some great ones: the yummy NY deli stylings of BKK Bagel Bakery, aromatic coffee from Roast, some toothsome smoked ham from Soul Food Mahanakorn, scrumptious goodies from Birds in a Row, the delicious bounty of Adam’s Organic, and (my mom’s really excited about this one) awesome stuff from Vietnamese & More. We’ve got great veggie Indian and intriguing Sri Lankan fare, donated (read: free) homemade beer (supplies limited, so hurry!) and, yes, even I am getting in on the action by selling sai oua (Northern Thai sausage) hot dogs.

There is no required entry fee, but we would love a donation of 200 baht if you can spare it. This will go to the charity In Search of Sanuk, a great organization helping families in need.

Parking is limited (think nonexistent), so take the Skytrain if you can. Make sure to bring your shopping totes too, and your own utensils and plates wouldn’t hurt either (although I am bringing some, so don’t worry about it bringing some sort of awful camping-style event where we make you reuse dirty napkins from 2009).

To get there: Get off at Skytrain Asoke exit and take exit 1 leading through True Building. Walk down Rachadapisek towards Benjakiti Park and Queen Sirikit Convention Center, past the entrance to Sukhumvit Soi 16. Once you pass soi 16 and the bus stop, look to your left for a wooden gate and painted “Maduzi Hotel” sign.

Hope to see you there!



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