Street Food in Bangkok

It’s no secret that the best food in Bangkok is on the street. That might sound strange, because a lot of people seem to associate street food with ignorant tourists (ever eat a lamb kebab in Hong Kong at 2 in the morning? Such a bad idea) or drunks fending off nausea after a bout of binge drinking (see above), or diarrhea.
But street food here is better than that: it’s cheap (most of the time – more on that later), quick (again, most of the time), a showcase for Thai entrepreneurial spirit, and yummy. Juicy skewers of pork with peanut sauce; fried pad thai noodles with chives and banana blossom; egg noodles in minced pork broth, garnished with a feathery-light won ton and slivers of just-cooked egg – these dishes are all just minutes away, on nearly every street corner, and at least as good as anything you would find in a restaurant outside of Thailand.
So, feeling hungry yet? Want to eat?

small noodles with fish meatballs without broth


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5 responses to “Street Food in Bangkok

  1. James Wallace

    Yummmmmmmm. Am ordering regular updates to my email. 😛

  2. Jen Willows

    Love it! We’d like to come visit you at some point in the next 5 years. I haven’t seen you since Bobby Brown and Debbie Gibson were holding down the music charts. Good Lord.

  3. Sergio

    Keep the blogs coming…..I’m so hungry for Thai street food! What’s the verdict on the best bami spot?

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