Eat this ASAP

You’ve seen oyster omelettes before. But not like this. It could be the best oyster omelette I’ve tasted yet in Bangkok, capable of converting the most oyster-phobic to its crunchy, briny charms.

Order it here: Nai Mong Hoi Thod (539 Soi Prapachai), which gives you the option of oysters or mussels, crispy or soft (both 65 baht apiece). The choice of oysters or mussels is up to you (although in my opinion, duh, oysters) but you MUST go for extra-crispy (grob grob) for this dish to really take hold of your tastebuds. And it will: more of an oyster-topped crepe, the oysters are fresh and soft and redolent of the sea, and the “omelette” crackly and thin, like a mini-pizza. A marriage of contrasts, bonded by a sweet chili dipping sauce. 

Oyster omelette with sweet chili dipping sauce, fish sauce and white pepper


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8 responses to “Eat this ASAP

  1. Ian

    No wonder this can’t be found on the map. It’s Yaorawat Road, Khao Nam Road and Phlapphla Chai Road. Spelling matters!!

    • Because Thai names use Thai the Thai alphabet, romanization of Thai words can be tricky. Hence, someone’s “gaeng” is someone else’s “gang”, “Dinsor” can be “Dinsaw”, and ” Yaowaraj” can also appear as “Yaowarat.” My own last name has appeared in print as “Nuankhae”. The spelling of a particular place falls to the discretion of the individual mapmaker, which can be frustrating, I know.

  2. Hi, can you advise the nearest BTS station from this place? I’d like to try and find it when I’m there next week. thanks!

  3. yobi

    I still couldn’t find this place! Can you be more specific? Is there any landmark? Thank you!

    • Hi, the best way I find it is from Yaowaraj Road, turning right onto Plangnam Road from there (the road that has the duck rice porridge, which you will pass on your right). Follow that road, cross Charoen Krung, and then follow that road further until you see the sign for Nai Mong Hoi Tod (about 50 m after Charoen Krung) on your right. Let me know if you find it!

  4. Joe

    Thanks. I was looking for a good place to have hoi tod the last time I was in the Krung, and none of my old haunts were still around. I’ll check out Nai Mong when I get back this summer.

  5. Joe

    Where exactly is Soi Prapachai? It’s a big city, and there are lots of sois…

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