My lunch at Michel Rostang

Every time I go to Paris, I try to go to at least one nice place a visit. This time, we made it to Michel Rostang, a two Michelin-starred restaurant with a menu that changes seasonally.

My husband and daughter, Nicha, asked for canard au sang, a dish they were initially discouraged from ordering because it was very “special”, a word the French use to describe something that is potentially disgusting. It turned out to be thin slices of very rare duck breast, bathed in a foie gras sauce thickened with blood. The legs are then poached in duck fat, shredded and encased in a razor-thin potato “tower” — a great reminder of why people love French food.


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6 responses to “My lunch at Michel Rostang

  1. that guys has all the delicacy of a butcher!

    omg, nicha is so cute! she’s such a foodie! i can just imagine her quietly sitting at michel rostang, observing that duck die a second death.

  2. Whoa, what an amazingly-colored flesh, and the presentation is exquisite. What part of France does it come from, do you know?

    Love that: “He’s still alive”
    and: “What do you mean?”

  3. That’s the kind of “special” dish that I absolutely love to try!

  4. Just watching it was exhausting… So how was the foie gras blood sauce?

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