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With a little help from my friends

Friends enjoying Souq Waqqif, Doha

Without help from my friends, I would be incapable of doing just about anything, including this blog. So a great big shout-out to my friends, who not only managed to put up with me for a whole six days in Qatar, but — when not working or attending the TEDx conference — also chauffeured me around, fed me, taught me how to wash my own clothes, and helped me put together an audition video for this competition:

Yes — you can go to the Olympics too, without being an incredible athlete, perfect specimen of humanity, or famous person. All you have to do is show how, as a Samsung Global Blogger, you would show off all the cool stuff London has to offer during the Olympics — which sounds really, really hard and not fun at all, you guys.

So I submitted a 30-second video, directed by the brilliant (and very tenacious) @SpecialKRB, who should totally be either a Samsung Global Blogger or President of the United States, I’m not sure which. Because my friends are currently not with me at the mo, I’m totally not going to upload that audition video for you. I do, however, leave you with these fabulous words of inspiration: YOU’VE GOT 7 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER. GOOD LUCK!


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