Ever wish…

… you had an iPhone app for those moments when you’re wandering around Phra Arthir/Dinsor Roads, wondering what on earth to eat?

Yes, it’s that time. Usually I use this blog as a forum for my innermost thoughts, folding my disappointments into posts on yen ta fo and whipping my obsession with Top Chef into frothy blather on toast and suki restaurants (too cheesy? Sorry).

But sometimes, I use this blog to flog cool things in which I’ve been involved. So please excuse the shameless plug for my Rama Food tour “Tasting the Old Town”, part of the Rama iPhone app which features all sorts of tours from all around the world.

The intro page

The tour takes you to more than a handful of eateries along Banglamphu (actually, two handfuls! I am all about the handfuls. Sorry again). This happens to be my favorite part of Bangkok. Years ago, @anuntakob showed me the winding path her grandfather on Dinsor Road took to court her grandmother over on Tanao Road. Although the buildings themselves have since disappeared, that path remains. Banglamphu has been my “Amazing Thailand” place ever since, where I go to to remind myself to cheer up.

One of the restaurants on the tour

The tour also includes more detailed discussion of recommended dishes in each eatery:

One thing to eat at Roti-Mataba

And stuff you can see nearby:

What looms across the road

Even better, there are real maps that actually show you how to get somewhere, so you aren’t left lolling around Banglamphu in a daze:

Don't get lost

To access it, either search for “Rama” on iTunes, or go to this link on an iPhone:  http://bit.ly/iTunesRama, which will take you right to the app. Inside the app, either tap on “Bangkok” under “Places”, look for the tour name in the “Title” section, or my name in the “Authors” section, which is “Chawadee Nualkhair”.

Thank you! Back to regularly scheduled programming … someday soon. Until then, I’ll be in Doha!


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6 responses to “Ever wish…

  1. MR

    Hello, I enjoy your blog and recently tried your Rama iPhone app Food tour “Tasting the Old Town” while visiting Bangkok in July 2012. Below is a short review.

    Rama iPhone app: Food tour “Tasting the Old Town”
    Rating: 2/5: content let down by a badly designed unstable app. While content look interesting (short tour with reviews of stalls in old town and a map showing locations) the Rama app repeatedly froze and crashed making the tour and content unusable. I downloaded on an iphones 4s and 3G so seems to be a app problem rather than phone specific. While the Rama App is Free you pay for content and any problem are Rama responsibility. I contacted Rama about problems and never got a response.
    Recommendation: While bangkokglutton blog and related book has great content and most of the info you need to create your own tour avoid app until Rama fixes problem with the iPhone app

    • Hi, I’m sorry about the problems you had with the Rama iPhone app. I am even sorrier that they were not able to rectify the problems you experienced with it. Unfortunately, Rama (the company) has run into some problems of its own and is up for sale, and the apps are no longer on iTunes (although the server is still up until the end of the year). I will be putting the content in the app on the blog after that time — these are great vendors, and I hope everyone can experience them as I have!

  2. Can I use this app on the ipad, too? If not, it might be the tipping point that pushes me to buy an iPhone!

  3. Anney

    Dear Glutton – those were they days! After a few trips to Thailand I discovered Khao San Road in 1998, and while it was referred to as a ‘backpackers’ haven serving banana pancakes and spring rolls, I thought that it was exciting and a great location. I boated up and down the mighty river and walked here, there and everywhere – including to Phra Sumen Fort – where I met a young monk who was very keen to chat.

    He gave me his name and on my next trip to Bangkok I took him some gifts, including a boomerang! I wonder where that boomerang is now?

    On a more recent trip I stayed in the area for probably the last time – for my taste there were just too much bustle and too many cocktail carts ….but the food was as great as ever.

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