Interlude in Lampang

It might seem like I am not an ambitious person, seeing as I am an unemployed, out-of-shape housewife whose full-time job is mainly watching television and reading “Game of Thrones”-related websites. But no. I have hopes and dreams and wishes and inner rainbows too. Sitting together in Phuket in a beautiful house overlooking a stunning stretch of coastline, @SpecialKRB and I were thinking: is there yet another way available to us to make a fool of ourselves — not just partially, like with writing — but completely and utterly, like with moving images? It appears we have found our answer. Below, just a snippet of the many videos @SpecialKRB and I have been making for the past few weeks — long enough to ruin @SpecialKRB’s entire holiday. Yay for us!


Filed under Asia, food, food stalls, Northern Thailand, Thailand

7 responses to “Interlude in Lampang

  1. Wow! Seems like Lam Pang is a really nice place to visit

  2. Chissa Duangnet

    HA! Love this for so many reasons. Made my week.

  3. jensaigon

    I love khao soy! How did you get two videos without @SpecialKRB making any noise? This is puzzling to me. I wanna eat with you two!!!

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