Eating dim sum in HK

Ever wonder how to eat dim sum? Uh, no? You just put it in your mouth and chew? You don’t say …

In any case, here are @SpecialKRB and me — aided by our friends Ronnie and Mollie — at Prince Restaurant in Kowloon, doing just that: eating dim sum.


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2 responses to “Eating dim sum in HK

  1. Anney

    What did you do with all the leftovers? We have developed a new habit…. we take a smallish bag when we go to a restaurant, with some spillproof containers and bags ( we call t the borrowing bag) …. and then we don’t feel that we have to limit ourselves to a small selection because we can take the leftovers home…. we have had many, many meals – both lunches and dinners – made up of various foragings….. sometimes quite multi-cultural collections as well!

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